CEA/Centre National de Génotypage

Commissariat à l'Enérgie Atomique et aux Enérgies Alternatives

Commissariat à l'Enérgie Atomique et aux Enérgies Alternatives
Rue Gaston Crémieux 2
91057 Evry, Cedex


Principal Investigator

Dr. Jean-François Deleuze (Director)

Phone +33-1-60878375


Institute Presentation

The CEA-CNG (http://www.cng.fr) was created in 1999 with the objective to establish national and international collaborations with the scientific community for the identification of the genetic basis of disease. The CEA-CNG has implemented a battery of platforms for genotyping, expression profiling, DNA methylation analysis and protein analysis. These platforms are used for in-house and collaborative projects and a significant part of the capacity is reserved to harbour external projects. New platforms are continuously being developed, implemented and updated. A DNA banking facility manages app. 400.000 DNA samples, annually 20.000 DNA extractions and quality controls all DNA samples that are used at the CEA-CNG.

Large scale genotyping capacities at the CEA-CNG are centered around an Illumina genotyping platform with eight liquid handling robots and seven scanners producing in excess of 2 billion SNP genotypes per month and two Affymetrix systems producing another 500 million SNP genotypes per week. Smaller and more targeted projects benefit from genotyping with Illumina GoldenGate, or I-select applications as well as Sequenom’s mass spectrometry based SNP genotyping platform or Applied Biosystems TaqMan and fluorescent Sanger DNA sequencing platforms. All of the genotyping platforms are supported by extensive quality control and statistical analysis. The CEA-CNG generates in excess of 20 billion of quality controlled genotypes a year and has a capacity to carry out genome-wide genotyping on 100.000 samples per year.

A 2nd generation ultra high-throughput DNA sequencing platform with currently eleven Solexa/Illumina genome analysers GAI and GAII and one Roche 454 sequencer has been established and incorporated as a platform. Current activities include whole genome sequencing, re-sequencing of exons and special application like ChiP-Seq and genome-wide sequencing of methylation patterns. Protocols and procedures for these applications have been implemented and are continuously being further developed.

With this operation the CEA-CNG has in the last nine years contributed to more than 300 projects, which have resulted in over 400 publications (http://www.cng.fr/en/publications/index.html).

The CEA-CNG will contribute to the networking, transnational access (TA), and RTD activities. Beyond WP8 (Transnational Access), the CEA-CNG will particularly participate in the WP4 (Analysis tools and computational support), WP5 (Networking to biobanking activities and WP6 (dissemination, training), WP11 (bioinformatic tools). The main focus of the CEA-CNG within these packages is to contribute to the development and harmonisation of new tools for second generation sequencing, especially for applications for the Illumina Genome Analyzer and Roche 454 sequencer and propose an environment for the analysis of sequence data, specifically pertaining to applications in epigenetics (DNA-methylation, genome-wide identification of DNAse hypersensitive sites, ChIP-Seq) and sequence based expression studies.