PCB/Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico

Fundacio Privada Parc Cientific de Barcelona
Baldiri i Reixac, 10-12
8028 Barcelona



Principal Investigator

Dr. Ivo Gut

Dr. Ivo Gut

Phone +34-93-4020542


Institute Presentation

The CNAG was started in September 2009 with support from the Spanish and the Catalan governments. It is hosted by the "Parc Cientific de Barcelona" (PCB). Its vocation is to carry out large-scale projects in DNA sequence analysis in collaboration with the Catalan, Spanish, European and International Research Community. Its first project is for the Spanish Contribution to the International Cancer Genome Consortium on Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia. The target of the CNAG is to establish sequencing capacity in excess of 20 Gbases per day in the initial pilot phase and increasing to in excess of 50 Gbases per day within the first 12 months of operation. It will start laboratory operation in January 2010 with a park of ten 2nd generation DNA sequencers. The sequencing operation is supported by an extensive informatics infrastructure and corresponding staff. By April 2010 the CNAG will have a headcount of 30 staff and is scheduled to further grow to in excess of 50 staff by 2011. The CNAG is dedicated to the application of large-scale nucleic acid sequence analysis experiments. The laboratory operation of the CNAG is embedded with an adapted infrastructure to secure seamless operation. In particular this is an informatics environment with 1 petabyte of data storage, over 600 cores of computing, grouped in different arrangements (distributed and shared memory), an internal 10 Gb/s network and multiple 10 Gb/s direct physical connections to the Barcelona Supercomputer which has over 10.000 compute cores.

CNAG will be involved in networking activities including training (WP2, WP4, WP6) and transnational access (sample preparation and de novo sequencing, targeted resequencing, RNA sequencing, and bioinformatic analysis with a focus on application of new statistical analysis and multivariant association calculation). Transnational access projects will be done in close collaboration with the genotyping facility of partner 8 (CRG, another infrastructure site in Barcelona). Furthermore, CNAG will contribute significantly to technology development of the infrastructure and participate in WP9, WP10, and WP11.