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New publication from ESGI and ELIXIR

On June 26, 2015, members of ESGI and the European infrastructure for biological information (ELIXIR) published a joint paper dealing with the "European Genome-Phenome Archive" (EGA) of human data consented for biomedical research. The EGA will become an important sustainable data archive for the distribution and sharing of genetic and phenotypic data consented for approved uses.

Links:    Pubmed    -    Nature Genetics

General Assembly Meeting Berlin

The fourth ESGI General Assembly meeting took place from December 15th to 17th, 2014 at the Harnack House Conference Venue in Berlin, Germany. The meeting focused on the success stories of the ESGI Access Users.

Successful Second Periodic Report

The second periodic report of the European Sequencing and Genotyping Infrastructure (ESGI) was positively evaluated by the European Commission. ESGI has been active for 36 months and developed a fully operational distributed infrastructure for catering the various requirements of external users working in genetics and genomics research. ESGI currently supports 29 different access projects.

More info can be found on the CORDIS website of the EC.

ESGI congratulates READNA

On December 16th, 2013, the READNA project (, coordinated by ESGI partner Dr. Ivo Gut, received an award from the French Ministry for Research and Education entitled “European Stars” rewarding successful projects that have participated in FP7.

READNA’s main focus was to accelerate new breakthrough DNA sequencing technologies and methods to enhance existing analysis methods. The consortium included 18 European partners from both academia and industry.

In some ways, the ESGI project is a perpetuation of READNA as it benefits from, applies and improves some of the methods that came out of READNA. In particular, the modern genome analysis technologies find their application in the transnational access projects of ESGI.

Several of the READNA partner institutes are also involved in ESGI, including the CEA-CNG in Paris and the CNAG in Barcelona, the Uppsala University, the Christian-Albrecht-University in Kiel, as well as the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin.

All partners in ESGI would like to take this opportunity to join the French Ministry in congratulating READNA on a well done project.

ESGI Symposium

The ESGI Symposium on functional genomics and metabolism research took place on March 21-22 2013 at the Seminaris CampusHotel in Berlin and was organized by the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics. The meeting was a success with almost 100 attendees and 21 speakers.

For more details, check out the symposium website here!