WP6 Dissemination and Training


Our infrastructure aims to create awareness amongst scientists about the potential of genetics and genomics to elucidate complex molecular pathways and disease processes. Dissemination of scientific know-how is essential for progress in the field and will help to organise a competition of the best projects of external users to be selected for analyses at the infrastructure. Training in workshops and by online tools to be provided will be essential to qualify external users for efficiently applying the infrastructure offered during the access projects. Outreach to the scientists is therefore a pre-requirement for an effective use of the infrastructure resources and for promoting sustainable operation of ESGI. Furthermore, we plan to engage a proper dialogue on the results of ESGI with the stakeholders and the public at large. This includes forums for discussion of strategic issues associated with genome research with (inter)national agencies and other potential partners and funders. In parallel we will undertake public dissemination to make the society aware of the possibilities but also the ethical and legal problems arising by modern genome research.

WP Leader

Dr. Harold Swerdlow, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (UK)